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Benefits from the Feldenkrais Method ®:

  •  Improve the quality of your movement by finding more efficiency, freedom and ease​

  • Calm the nervous system to act with more awareness and sensitivity

  •  Reduce unnecessary effort, tension and pain

  • Find the forgotten pathways to regain your quality of life

         "Making the impossible, possible"
                           Moshé Feldenkrais

Estela Merlos 
Certified Practitioner of the 
Feldenkrais Method ®


Feeling bouncy and ready to act like a child. Feeling potent and able to do anything you want.

It is through adulthood and the demands of our society that external elements start to steal energy from us. We don’t get surprised anymore, everything becomes a routine, there is no longer curiosity or spontaneity in our lives. We make ourselves believe that we need security and control and so we get stuck in following familiar patterns. We become fearful from uncertainty and change, becoming fixed in our own ways. The Feldenkrais Method can help us reconnect with the forgotten pathways to regain this ability to act like a child while staying flexible to any situation.

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